We love getting involved in the community.

We’re keen supporters of any local initiative setting out for a good cause. Its a great place to give back and meet some fantastic people each with their own stories as to why they are so passionate about giving.

So if you’re looking for some assistance with your cause whether it’s helping promote, digging some weeds or an attempt to circumnavigate the Isle Of White on a pedalo, We’re onboard.

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The Big Hairy Hikers

This year we are proudly supporting The Big Hairy Hikers in their efforts to get fit, raise money and have a good time whilst pushing themselves talking on the 3 Peak Challenge.

The Big Hairy Hikers will spend the next 10 months planning, training and putting on various fund raising events before taking on the big challenge of 3 Peaks.

The fuzzy faced duo are dedicating the challenge to a few charities close to their hearts, Macmillan Cancer Support, Crisis and SpecialEffect, each having a massive impact on the people they support.

For more information on The Big Hairy Hikers and their journey please follow the link below.

The Big Hairy Hikers:


Macmillan Cancer Support

We have and continue to be keen supporters of Macmillan Cancer Support here at Smash Your Market,

Their work is absolutely incredible supporting people and their families when cancer brings so much worry, stress and uncertainty.

You will often find us taking part in their seasonal fund raising events along with putting on a few ourselves.

For more information on Macmillan Cancer Support please follow the link below.

Macmillan Cancer Support:


We have a close relationship with Bernardo’s and have personally donated time to work in their stores along with other fundraising efforts through events or using industry contacts to land till point donations.

Bernardo’s are there for children when they need it the most, to create stronger families, to help overcome their past and strive for a brighter future.

For more information on Bernardo’s please follow the link below.



T: 01174 035 549