Ransomware, Cyber-Attack, It’s not just the NHS!

Ransomware – Cyber-Attack

I’m sure over the weekend you have heard about the current cyber-attack dramatically affecting the NHS, we’re here this Monday morning to give you a little reminder to play it safe out there.

This attack isn’t just hitting the NHS, it’s reported to have currently crippled over Two Hundred Thousand computers in 150 countries. It is said only to be affecting devices operating on Microsoft software.

In a recent news article Microsoft have pointed the finger at the US Government, as it is widely believed the malicious software “WannaCrypt/WannaCry” is an edited hacking tool used by the US National Security Agency.

BBC news reports that the ransomware attack aimed to lock down your device, demands $300, around £232 to release your system. It is believed around £30,000 has already been paid in ransoms through the associated bitcoin accounts.

With this we’d just like to reiterate caution is key, please don’t open, download any emails, links, software or apps that you are not expecting or from a trusted source.

For more tips and information on how to stay safe, please feel free to get in touch or check out the advice currently on the National Cyber Security Centre’s website. ncsc.gov.uk




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